November 9, 2022

In some ways, Clifford Swan Investment Counselors has been undergoing a period of transformation, which started seven years ago when we became a 100% employee-owned firm. While we have always focused the firm’s direction on providing valuable guidance, taking the step to being fully independent allowed us more control over how we shape the firm to best serve our clients. In our latest chapter, today I am excited to share a fresh look, our fresh space, and fresh faces.

Fresh Look

Clifford Swan has a new look! We are pleased to introduce you to our refreshed visual identity, including a new logo, fonts, and colors. Beyond an updated look, our goals include improved and enhanced client reporting and informational materials that better illustrate the breadth of our offering.

Fresh Space

The same year we secured our independence, we were also one of the first new tenants at 177 East Colorado Boulevard following its extensive remodel. Our move to this location provided an opportunity to improve the location, size, and quality of our offices under an attractive lease agreement. Today, the building is once again filled with energy as our fellow occupants have largely returned from their pandemic absence.

For our part, we recently executed a lease extension and are underway with our own minor remodel to utilize our existing space better and provide for future growth. We would be happy to show you the changes underway when you next visit us.

Fresh Faces

Not only have we added new physical spaces, but also several accomplished individuals have recently joined our firm. Michael Hatfield, Thomas Wynn, and Aileen Yip are new members of our talented team of client service specialists. Each has hit the ground running, helping clients during this busy time of year. Equity analyst Austin Gewecke started in October and has already established himself as a valuable member of our research team. His prior investment research experience includes three years at Cambridge Associates and a year and a half at Stifel Financial Corp. in New York. Trading specialist Gerardo Torres joined us in October with a strong academic and professional background, providing additional depth to our capable operations team. Our newest hire, graphic designer Sarah Wong started in November as a member of our marketing and communications team to produce more polished client presentations and help develop new materials. These skilled individuals help ensure a strong future for Clifford Swan and we look forward to having you get to know them in the months and years ahead.

All of us at Clifford Swan hope you are as pleased as we are about these refreshed aspects of our firm. Best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and holiday season!

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