Transfer Wealth

Your influence remains great

Wealth serves different purposes at different times in your life, for different people in your life. That is as it should be. But seeing that your wealth is put to the purposes you envision is another matter. Whether it’s your alma mater, your grandchildren, or the symphony, the wealth you bestow should be transferred in ways that maximize the benefit to both you and the recipient—while having an impact that remains as true to your wishes as possible.

Education is the Key

Preparing your heirs for the responsibilities of wealth is critical—you get the peace of mind of knowing your wealth can be put to purposes that align with your values, while your heirs are able to recognize advice that is truly in their best interest. Our services extend to advising your benefactors on finances before there is any transfer of wealth. These can be private, informal one-on-one sessions, or part of our ongoing series of educational events hosted by Clifford Swan. The events feature guided discussions created for different life stages, from teen years to approaching retirement.


We can help you support your favorite cause in ways that will be most advantageous to both you and the organization, including the transfer of both liquid and non-liquid assets. In other words, we can recommend the best ways to achieve your philanthropic goals while realizing tax efficiencies we seek in order to preserve capital.

Working With Your Trustees

We also work closely with your estate and trust attorneys to coordinate all the tactical aspects of wealth transfer. Clifford Swan seeks the smoothest execution of the recommendations we provide based on your goals.

Bringing you closer

All of the above can serve to bring families together. Expectations can be wildly out of sync with reality simply because of an unintentional lack of transparency.

We have seen open discussion of roles and desires—on the part of each generation—lead to the strengthening of multi-generational bonds and the establishment of stable financial lives.

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