Manage Wealth

More than investments alone

We take a holistic approach to your complete investment strategy. Most important is what we learn about you: what you value, the life you want to have for you and your loved ones, your vision of the future. These “soft” goals help us to determine “hard” figures such as the level of current income and liquidity required, your time horizon and tax considerations.

Clifford Swan views investment opportunities through the lens of wealth preservation (adjusted for inflation) and long-term results. Every portfolio we manage is judged by how well it delivers against your specific goals.

With your approval, we will gladly work with your other advisors, including tax and estate professionals, to gain a complete picture of your current assets. All we’ve learned is applied to the creation of your investment portfolio, and how you plan to use it. Only in this way can we build a truly personalized strategy.

Advice that goes well beyond investments

Helping you manage your wealth is more than managing a portfolio. It is a truly collaborative process, and requires ongoing communication that includes face-to-face meetings and regular written communications, such as quarterly reports. But most of all it means a commitment to being there whenever you need us, with advice on financial matters above and beyond investing only. These include retirement planning; budgeting, especially for major acquisitions; estate preservation strategies; tax planning and even philanthropic advice on establishing foundations or charitable trusts.

Working with other professionals

Because of our deep understanding of your financial situation and your personal goals, we can be of service to your trusted legal, tax and other professional advisors during significant life events or simply on an ongoing basis. For example, we can coordinate with your tax professional on losses and gains to minimize your overall tax consequences. In this way, we help simplify the management of all your finances.

Educating family members

The responsibility of wealth is not automatically passed on with wealth itself. Like any skill—from learning to drive to practicing a profession—responsible management of personal wealth requires education. That can take place by learning from mistakes, or it can take place proactively, wisely and responsibly.

We offer both informal and formal education to the next generation—or any family member—to whom you will be endowing substantial wealth. We host events and webinars on specific subjects. Sometimes as simple as a meeting over coffee, our educational opportunities are always grounded in the reality of your particular situation. We know firsthand that the subject of finances can be fraught with emotion; but we have also seen that open discussion of this difficult subject goes a long way to fostering healthy family relationships.

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