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To fulfill our commitment to you, we rely on the expertise that each of us brings to the collective wisdom of the firm. It is our intention to exceed your expectations of optimal service. We do this by honoring our own core values each day, for every client we serve.

Carolyn S. Barber CFA, CIPM, CIC
Principal, Chief Compliance Officer, Investment Counselor
Peter J. Boyle CFA, CIC
Principal, President, Chief Investment Officer
James R. Brown 
Principal, Chief Financial Officer
Kevin J. Cavanaugh 
Principal, Investment Counselor
Kenneth H. Dike Esq., CPA, CLPF
Principal, Executive Director of Planned Giving Services
Roger L. Gewecke, Jr. CFA
Principal, Director of Research, Investment Counselor
Kathleen Gilmore CFP®
Principal, Chief Client Services Officer, Investment Counselor
George E. Hasbun 
Investment Counselor
Anil Kapoor CFA
Principal, Equity Analyst, Investment Counselor
David Y. Lin CFA
Investment Counselor
Jennifer I. Maqueda 
Communications Officer
Daniel J. Mintz 
Equity Analyst
Maxwell R. Pray CFA
Principal, Investment Counselor
Linda Davis Taylor 
Principal, Chairman, CEO
Erica S. White CFA
Principal, Investment Counselor
Lloyd K. Wong CFA
Principal, Investment Counselor
Randall L. Zaharia CFA, CAIA®
Principal, Fixed Income Specialist, Investment Counselor

Board of Directors

  • Linda Davis Taylor 
  • Peter J. Boyle 
  • Maxwell R. Pray 
  • Roger L. Gewecke, Jr.

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