Yijia Yang and Samuel Glazer were selected from over 200 applicants for the fourth year of Clifford Swan Investment Counselors’ wealth management summer internship program. Through the two-month program, Clifford Swan aims to provide talented undergraduate students who have shown interest in the investment and wealth management business a fundamental educational experience and the opportunity to develop skills in a number of areas of an investment advisory firm.

"Clifford Swan aims to provide talented undergraduate students who have shown interest in the investment and wealth management business a fundamental educational experience..."

Yijia will be entering her senior year at Scripps College, where she is earning a dual major in Mathematical Economics and Politics. From Chengdu, China, and having spent her junior year at the London School of Economics, Yijia brought a unique global perspective to the firm. A native of Guilford, Connecticut, Sam is entering his junior year at Pomona College, where he is pursuing a major in Economics and minors in Mathematics and Italian, in addition to being a valued member of the Pomona-Pitzer Varsity Basketball team. Sam and Yijia completed several substantive projects and learned about key aspects of the firm, including portfolio management, equity, fixed income and mutual fund research, trading and execution, compliance, and marketing. The curriculum was organized so that each week was focused on a particular aspect of the firm.

The internship program was co-led by Jennifer Maqueda and Linda Davis Taylor, who, along with Dan Mintz and Kevin Cavanaugh, conducted the interviews and selected the successful candidates. The interns worked directly with Clifford Swan colleagues who served as their teachers and mentors as they worked on their projects.

Of the internship program, Yijia said, “This internship is absolutely the best I have ever had. The program is very well-structured and educational. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to work closely with experienced professionals and learn from them, not only hard skills but also their ways of interpreting information and interacting with people. I love Clifford Swan; it has a very supportive working environment and is truly willing to invest in the younger generation.” Sam shared, “It was an enriching summer, full of friendly, intelligent coworkers who were not only great mentors, but also let me contribute work of my own. The internship provided really valuable exposure to the wealth management industry and what it means to be successful when taking care of one’s clients. I most enjoyed being able to participate in the weekly research and investment committee meetings; listening to discussions and hearing ideas fly around was really cool and made me feel like a valued part of the firm.” 

Looking back on a very successful fourth year of the internship program, Clifford Swan is confident that both the curriculum and structure of the program have been refined over the years to provide an enriching experience to both the firm and the interns. It has developed into a program our firm truly looks forward to each summer!

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Yijia Yang and Samuel Glazer 

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